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Summer Professional Development Opportunities 2015

2015-2016 School Calendar

Did you know that District 108 has it's own app?  Three schools are participating in the pilot this year and we have just launched our app in the app store.  Follow the links below to install this mobile app on your device.

App Store - Apple

Google Play

You will see news from Altman, Washington and Edison!

PARCC Manuals and Training

Classroom teachers will need the Test Administrator Manuals, Principals and Learning Center Paraprofessionals will need the Test Coordinators Manuals.

Social Media in District 108

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Twitter - we have two twitter feeds - a general one with announcements on the About our District page and an Instructional Technology subject specific feed on the Instructional Technology Page. Follow us for informative tweets!

District Wellness Committee
5K+ Program

Dragon Dash

World Book Student is now Optimized for Tablets (iPads)


Internet Safety Curriculum

FBI-SOS Cyber Surf Islands

21st Century Fluency Project Videos (link updated 8/25/2014)

Chart - updated September 2014



Kids Safe Search Engines and Student Resources

World Book Online  Creating a World Book My Research Account (for students)


Visual Thesaurus

Discovery Education Streaming 


District Work Load for Special Educators Committee -
Upper Work Load Range memo revised 1/30/2015

January 2015 Workload Committe Minutes

Workload Explanation

Course Approval Forms

Instructions for Tuition Reimbursement and Salary Schedule Advancement - updated Fall 2012

Course Approval Form - updated May 2015 for 2015-2016

Tuition Reimbursement Form - updated June 2015

Lane Change Form - updated June 2015

Certified Proposal Form - New Fall 2012

Support Staff Proposal Form - New Fall 2012

Plan for Approval of NCLB Highly Qualified