Unity Point Methodist In -School Health

is a joint venture with

Unity Point Methodist Health and Pekin Public School District 108,

 to provide healthcare services to all District 108 students.

Our goal is to keep students healthy, safe and ready to learn.


Start scheduling your students school health exams for Kindergarten and 6th grade now so they will be prepared for the 2013-2014 school year. See links to the left for guidelines and forms.

To the Parents of Students with Medications at School: 


  This is a reminder that all medications must be picked up by an adult before

the end of the school year. This includes all meds that were prescribed by a Dr.  We are not able to send extra or left over medications home with students. The only thing we can send home with a student is asthma related meds. We can send home OTC meds, such as

Tylenol and Ibuprofen IF we have permission from the parent/guardian.

 Any medications not picked up will be disposed of per protocol.

  Thank you for your cooperation and you may call your child’s health clerk if you have any questions or to make arrangements for pick up.


Why The Program Is Offered~

  • To improve the health of all District 108 students.
  • To ensure students are compliant with physical, dental, and immunization requirements.
  • To assist parents in finding health care providers for themselves and their family.
  • To keep students healthy and ready to learn. 

Our Services:

    • Assessment of minor injuries and illness of students while at school.
    • Administer medications or treatments with proper physician and parental authorization (medications supplied in original containers-see handbook and Calendar for specific rules regarding administrating medication).
    • Monitor students medical records to ensure compliance with Illinois State Board of Education requirements.
    • Assist junior high athletes in obtaining low cost physicals with local physicians volunteering time to perform them.
    • Management and care of chronic illnesses, such as Asthma, Diabetes Seizures, etc.

Services provided by:

Hollie Cheatum-Lucas Lead RN 

309-477-4700 x2290  hcheatum-lucas@mmci.org


Diane Garman LPN 

309-477-4700 x2163 dgarman@mmci.org


Wilma Schaefer LPN 

309-477-4700  x1390 wschaefer@mmci.org


Sheila Powell MOA- Edison Junior High

 309-477-4700 x3207  spowell@mmci.org


Nicole Oliver MOA-Broadmoor Junior High 

 309-477-4700 x1107 nloliver@mmci.org


Nicole Oliver MOA- Dirksen School

309-477-4700 x1107 noliver@mmci.org


 Diana Walker MOA-Wilson Intermediate School

309-477-4700 x2207  dlwalker@mmci.org


Shannon Cox MOA- Washington Intermediate School 

 309-477-4700 x 2107  scox@mmci.org


Brooke Bradshaw MOA-Jefferson School 

309-477-4700 x1207  blbradshaw@mmci.org


Janel Schneider MOA- CB Smith School 

309-477-4700 x1307 jschneider@mmci.org


Christine Bucco MOA-LE Starke School 

309-477-4700 x1407  clbucco@mmci.org


Dawn Rockhold MOA- Altman School 

309-477-4700 x1507  drockhold@mmci.org


Annette Bennett CMA- Willow School 

309-477-4700 x1607  abennett@mmci.org


Brenda Winders MOA - PFEC School 

309-477-4700 x1707 bwinders@mmci.org


Services We Do Not Offer

  • We cannot Diagnose any conditions, diseases or infections.
  • We cannot treat any condition without specific parent and physician written permission.
  • We cannot provide any counseling or mental health services.
  • We cannot tell if your childs bone is broken.
  • We cannot give your child any medication without a medication permit signed by your childs physicain.