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The room is divided into two sections...a library with about 12,000 books and a 32 station computer lab.  There are also 16 IPADS available for classroom use.

Students are allowed to check out two books once a week, if they are trying to meet AR goals they may exchange books more often. The computer lab which has 32 student computers and a Smart Board is used for testing, projects, research and sometimes fun activities.

Each year the Wilson Students, along with students from all over Illinois are asked to read at least three of the  Rebecca Caudill Young Readers Award Nominees and then in March, vote for their favorite. The 2014 winner was Wonder by R.J. Palacio. To see a complete list of past nominees, winners and in general information go to...RCYRAN

The Bluestem Award is designed for students in grades 3-5 who are ready for longer titles than found on the Monarch list, but not quite ready for the sophistication of some of the Rebecca Caudill titles. Named in honor of Big Bluestem which is the state prairie grass, the award may include timeless classics and current titles, as well as books that have appeared on Monarch and Rebecca Caudill lists. The 2014 winner wast Wonder by R.J.Palacio.To see a complete list of the past nominees, winners, and in general information go to ...Bluestem

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Search for authors, titles, or subjects of the books in the Wilson Library... Destiny

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